Top 7 Custom Writing Services

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Why Are Students Looking for Help?

We know how valuable academic assistance is for students: there are times when they simply have no time to complete all the piles of assignments before the deadline. There are multiple reasons why students decide to pay for their essays or research papers:

  1. Some need to combine work and college or university. That’s right, dear friends, we all live in a real world, and the majority of modern students must get a part-time or full-time job to either pay their tuition fees or provide for their families.
  1. Other students come back to school when they already have kids, so spending time with their families becomes a more important activity than writing tons of papers.
  1. There are moments when students just need to forget about school routine for a while and dedicate time to themselves in order to avoid burnout. Believe it or not, students also have to sleep and do things they love; otherwise, their comprehension and learning capabilities will reduce to zero, which can negatively impact their overall academic performance.

What Are Students Looking For?

What exactly do students need when seeking to order a piece of writing from one of the hundreds of writing services?

First of all, they want to be sure they will get a written assignment after they make a payment. Beware of scammers who offer super low prices for the best experts ever! Cheap custom paper writing from great professionals sounds like magic – in other words, it doesn’t exist. Save your money and don’t even try to contact these guys.

Secondly, students must choose the company which cooperates with native speakers of the required language. In this post, we will talk exclusively about US and UK based firms which work with English native speakers.

Third, custom paper writing agencies must guarantee their clients that all their financial and personal data will be secure with their website. Not a single person appreciates leakage of personal information.

Now, let’s look at the companies that we like and trust the most. How do we know they are reliable? We worked with their writers not once and will come back again, if necessary.


“Last week this site did an amazing job for me by writing all 5 of my essays in just 2 days! Amazing!”
– Nicolas

You are a lucky guy, Nicolas, just like other clients of WriteMyEssay4Me. What do we like about these guys? Well, every student considers a timely delivered high-quality custom paper to be the ultimate result of their cooperation with a writing agency.

What WriteMyEssay4Me team wants their customers to do first is to check the samples of their writers’ work. They demonstrate the high level of quality their custom paper service provides and let you have a better understanding of their business.

This writing company is ready to prepare papers according to each customer’s needs and requirements. They, in turn, instruct you to submit the following details:

  • The number of pages your paper should have;
  • Which format and style you prefer;
  • The number of sources you need;
  • The necessary type of sources;
  • The topic of your term paper or thesis;
  • The deadline.

As you can see, they are very much interested in creating a work which will suit only your needs. They ask you to submit as many details as you can because this way you eliminate the necessity of multiple revisions after the final product is delivered. You are more than welcome to send your writer additional information during the process of writing – all your remarks will be taken into consideration because your success is their success.



 “The service is very responsive and convenient. They are ready to offer you a solution and get to the job right away!”
– Kris

Kris is absolutely right – one of the key reasons why we give our hearts to this company is that they aren’t afraid of any deadline and hard work in general. Whereas other services may drop your task because your paper in molecular biology has to be completed in 4 hours (we are exaggerating a little, of course), Pro-Essay-Writer will always have it done before the deadline.

However, although this is their huge advantage, sometimes they try to jump over their head and deliver your assignment very much in advance. This would have been fantastic if they had not made any mistakes or neglected instructions. Don’t be scared, this doesn’t happen often, and when it happens, they always revise papers and send much better version later. So, before you approve your essay, check it once or twice. Trust us, you will have a plenty of time for that because these guys are faster than light.

Of course, speed delivery is not the only feature that makes Pro-Essay-Writer such an outstanding service. They have a good idea of why students choose one service over another: Pro-Essay-Writer tends to attract customers offering great bonuses and discounts up to 20%. When you become their loyal customer, you save a lot of money ordering essays and papers.

Pro-Essay-Writer team values dedicated freelancers because writing professionals are the main reason why hundreds of students around the world use their custom writing service repeatedly.

They are 100% right: their business is based on regular clients, and to get these loyal clients they always have to provide exceptional service. That’s exactly what they do. So, when you need a custom paper written from scratch, consider this agency seriously, especially when you would like to receive your assignment in advance – they are good at this.



“Would not change anything, customer service outstanding and all pieces of work I have received from your team have been excellent”
– Sebastian. B.

We are so proud to include this British giant to the list of our favorite custom paper writing service. To be honest, it is hard to imagine any list without these guys due to their revolutionary approach to providing academic writing and building a strong customers’ community.

UK Essays have four basic types of services to offer:

There is no need in doubting this company because their final papers always exceed expectations of the most demanding customers. When you receive a written work, you also receive a comprehensive quality report and a detailed plagiarism report.

In a  quality report, a team member explains the writer’s choices and discusses whether the work flows well and has good evidence supporting its ideas and whether the formatting and references are presented correctly. A detailed plagiarism report includes information given by UK Essays’ private version of Viper, an advanced Plagiarism scanner. Viper has a free version available to all students; however, UK Essays use a more advanced technology which lets them scan against the private database of their previous works also.

Of course, they create fully personalized papers tailored to each student’s level of study. Whether you need a Ph.D., Masters, Bachelors or Diploma A-level coursework, UK Essays will find a fantastic writer capable of producing a perfect essay. You don’t necessarily need to order an A-level paper: probably, a course you are writing for is not very important and you want B, then you will need to indicate this in your initial requirement. Certainly, this detail will decrease the price as well.

We should warn you that this is not the cheapest company on our list; however, if you have a huge dissertation to be written by one of the greatest academic experts, you won’t worry about the price and choose them due their impeccable reputation and unmatched writing quality.



 “… I was very skeptical, regarding the cost and all these plagiarism issues. And even though the papers I got from this site were a little far from ideal, I do manage to polish them myself and it doesn’t take too much time”
– Katrina.

That’s an interesting comment because we have not really experienced this with EssayClick. Maybe, we were lucky. Writing agencies are all different and their prices are different. Thus, a lot depends on your own priorities. Some students prefer to pay more and get a well-researched and perfectly polished paper as they arenot going to work on this assignment themselves. Other students, however, would rather spend less and edit their assignments later. EssayClick is a wonderful example of a custom paper writing agency which is cheaper than average companies and still offers a great quality of writing.

According to EssayClick, the company manages to maintain relatively low prices and afford to hire experienced writers. The recruitment process is quite strict because of the requirements set by the company: they have developed advanced tests to examine candidates’ grammar, spelling, and stylistics abilities together with their strong motivation. Not every English native speaker is a perfect candidate for this role: a writer must possess a great command of written language, be familiar with the structures of numerous kinds of assignments, have excellent critical and analytical skills, and be an expert in a specific area, e.g. IT, English literature, geography, etc.

In fact, the company has a developed system that helps motivate writers. Professionals with the highest level of clients’ satisfaction receive benefits and a better rating which allows them to work on more complicated tasks and reach new career goals.

We appreciate a good discipline and the fact that EssayClick team truly cares about every customer and every writer. This is an extremely competitive business, and writing firms rely not only on clients but also on their amazing writers. Having writers who are satisfied with the amount of work they get and their salaries and who you can trust is crucial. We give 10 out of 10 points to EssayClick due to their fantastic approach to both clients and writers.



“…I am absolutely happy with the results and definitely going to order more. You have got yourself another regular customer!”
– Eric. 

Here comes our, as well as Eric’s, big love – EssayDragon writing service. Just like other agencies from our list, EssayDragon is a great company which creates only original, plagiarism-free essays, research papers, dissertations, and other assignments. However, if you get to know them better, you will realize this is one of the best options for international students.

EssayDragon has been on the market for quite a long time and from their experience, they know which cohort of students is particularly interested in quality custom writing services. This cohort consists of international students who are currently registered for courses in universities in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, or New Zealand or are planning on applying to these schools.

As you probably know, no matter whether you are an Arts or Sciences student or whether your native language is English or Thai, you must submit a bunch of written assignments during the course of each term. International students find these tasks especially hard because not every professor believes that the essence of the content is more important than the language used to create this content. What foreign students can do is to make appointments with tutors who work in their schools’ writing centers and can proofread their essays and give advice. This would sound like a great idea if it didn’t take so much time.

For EssayDragon, solving this language barrier problem is one of the biggest targets. They cooperate with lots of international students and not only create papers from scratch but also give valuable comments and explanations which help students improve their language skills. They understand that being successful requires not only high grades but also confidence and lack of negative thoughts. We believe that EssayDragon does a fantastic job motivating students on their way to success.

In addition to this, they don’t forget to offer clients a bundle of attractive free features. Whereas many services charge per every single page, EssayDragon is happy to create Title, Content, and Reference pages for free. That’s true, they will include to your custom essay all the sources they have found and used and won’t charge a single cent. We love to know that this company cares about our financial position and are happy to recommend it to everyone.



“I was pretty much pleasantly surprised with the overall quality of the overall quality of papers that I ordered from these guys. There was hardly any plagiarism (except for cited parts) and the language was pretty decent. I will surely give this site a try once again!”
– Sean.

 We could not complete our list of good, trustworthy sites without adding WriteMyPaper4Me to it. Why is this company so amazing? The history of WriteMyPaper4Me is rather simple, yet powerful: this service was created by college students. We guess this is the key element of their success. Who knows the world of education better than students? Who knows about students’ needs better than students? The answer is straightforward – students do.

WriteMyPaper4Me team members were perfectly aware of where to start and where to go. We have ordered from WriteMyPaper4Me four times, and every time the quality of the writing was more than good. Their writers know the slightest difference between APA, MLA, Harvard, Turabian, and Chicago styles, so there is never a need in asking them to double-check the formatting of a paper or thesis one more time.

Another thing that we find extremely important is that they have access to great literature resources, which makes their products so valuable. A paper can have an impeccable style and language but a professor will always take a look at references and evaluate them first. Specialists in each field know which sources are reliable and should be cited, so professors can easily tell whether a student did research or simply mentioned random books to meet the requirements.

What do they guarantee?

  • Qualified writing experts

Again, maybe, some of the company’s clients had bad experience, but we were not of them, this is why we can tell that they do have great professionals working for them. Dedicated writers are their foundation and they help this business expand more and more every year.

  • Authentic papers

What can be worse than absence of decent citations? Plagiarism, dear friends. Plagiarism is a severe violation of all universities’ regulations. WriteMyPaper4Me have a well developed system which allows them to scan papers for plagiarism and deliver a unique final product to all customers.

  • Confidentiality

Since customers’ private data security is the company’s top priority, they maintain their services under strict anonymity. Their Privacy Policy strictly prohibits disclosing personal information to any third parties or publishing customers’ written works online.

  • Money-back guarantee

Their Refund Policy guarantees clients’ protection. We have not asked them to send money back, but from numerous reviews it is obvious that there were no problems with getting full payments back by clients who were not completely satisfied with WriteMyEssay4Me writing.



 “On time as usual. Satisfied. Thank you. Paper completed according to its structure – timely and precise job! ”
– Client 152818

It is hard to imagine a client who is not satisfied with final products. First of all, with this company you are certain that you pay for an efficient academic support and receive 100% legal service. Their goal is to give you professional academic advice whenever you have a difficulty selecting the right research topic, understanding a new complicated material, or arranging the content for your essay or any other writing assignment.

JustBuyEssay is truly a treasure on our list because they always have excellent reviews. Don’t be afraid to get a plagiarized piece of writing – you pay for a paper written from scratch only for you. And there is no way this paper will ever, ever be used again and sold to other clients. Such actions are strictly prohibited by the policies of the company. This agency has been active in the industry over the last seven years, and we haven’t heard any complaints about the quality and originality of their writing.

In case you are looking for a good, reliable company to help you get accepted to a school, choose as your best academic paper provider. Their services include:

  • Custom Paper Writing: Thesis, Term Papers, Essays, Reports, Speeches, Case Studies, Grant Proposals, Capstone Projects, Annotated Bibliographies, etc.
  • Admission Services: Admission and Scholarship Essay, Personal Statement, etc.
  • Additional Services: Lab Report, Reaction Paper, and Formatting.

Here you can order any kind of assignment and it will be always delivered on time. We recommend this truly beautiful company if you require professional help.


We hope that this list will be helpful when you decide to choose a good custom writing company. We are not saying that all these agencies are absolutely perfect; in the end, they hire people, not robots, and mistakes is a normal part of any working process. But we know that these companies will provide you will excellent custom papers that will bring you excellent grades. What really matters is that you can trust your company, and all of the agencies we are enumerating are really good at what they are doing.