EssayDragon.Com Writing Service Review

essay-dragonReview of EssayDragon Academic Writing Service

This article reviews the writing service Essaydragon, explains how it works; reveals its strong aspects and advantages; sums up its services and features.

It goes without saying, that each of us is willing to have an excellent career and to get a good well-paid job, which will be interesting for you and in which you will be able to develop your outside. To make it real, at first, you need to get the good education. If you want to be a skilled specialist, you need to study hard, to read a lot of specific literature on your subject, to pass examinations, and, of course, to write academic papers each term. You will need to write essays at college, coursework at the university, etc.

To write an academic paper takes much efforts and time, and may be not every person is ready to go through this trial. So, why not taking a chance and take a helping hand of the specialists from the essay dragon?

No matter, are you studying at the college or the university, you will need to write essays, academic papers or research works rather often. In this complicated deal, you may require assistance of professional academic writers. You can apply for the support of the and their professional team will help you in writing the academic paper. The assistance of the writers from the Essay Dragon in your educational process will be a right decision. With the help of the experts from the essay dragon, you will proceed in your education step by step.


essaydragon_subjectsThere are a plenty of the essay writing services, but today under the review is one of the best samples; the EssayDragon differs a lot from the other academic writing services. The provides some peculiar features for free;

  • Free formatting
  • Free references
  • Free title page
  • Free revisions
  • Free plagiarism check


There are some fundamental features, which you can get with essay dragon;

  • Credible information, strong facts, and reliable arguments, which support the main idea of the academic paper;
  • Thoroughly researched and proofread parts of the paper;
  • Expressive foreword by the writers of  EssayDragon;
  • Appropriate and variable sources, checked by the essay dragon, as a base to compose academic paper on;
  • Promptly and accurately composed academic paper by the writers of the Essay Dragon;
  • Brief and clear title, elaborated by the writers of  the Dragon Essay;
  • Accurate design of the academic paper;
  • Grammatical and lexical literacy;
  • Your expectations meet the final results with the help of the dragon essay;

When you decide to pay for the essay on EssayDragon, be sure, you make an investment towards your future.

The team of the essay dragon has an individual approach to each customer. No matter, what topic and subject you have, your academic paper will be fulfilled perfectly.


essaydragon_pricesOn the website, you can order different types of academic papers and essays.

According to the type of work on EssayDragon you can choose – writing from scratch or editing.

Among the variety of possible academic levels on EssayDragon you can choose;

  • High School
  • College
  • University
  • Master’s
  • Ph.D.

You can also select the paper format on the Dragon Essay;

  • MLA
  • APA
  • Chicago
  • Harvard

If you need another paper format, you can indicate it in the order form on EssayDragon .

Choosing the type of paper on the essay dragon, you will see the following list;

  • Essay
  • Coursework
  • Term paper
  • Research Paper
  • Book Report
  • Case Study
  • Movie Review


The offers writing assistance on the subjects, mentioned below. You can choose among the proposed subjects, and your order will be passed into the hands of the writer, experienced in this field of knowledge.

  • Biology and Life Sciences
  • Business and Management
  • Chemistry
  • Culture
  • Economics
  • Education
  • English
  • Environmental Science
  • Finance, Accounting, and Banking
  • Geography
  • HRM
  • IT
  • Linguistics
  • Literature
  • Marketing and PR
  • Maths
  • Philosophy
  • Sociology
  • Statistics

There are some strong aspects, which only EssayDragon possesses;

    • Privacy Policy provides you confidentiality in all questions. Your personal data, details of the orders will never be passed to the third parties. When finished, the copy of your order is delivered to your email, and you are the only person, who can see it.

    • 100% Original Academic Papers

With you get original academic papers, plagiarism is prohibited. Every detail in your research work is checked properly, every source is approved, design is also thoroughly chosen for you due to your requirements and desires.

    • Money-back Policy

On the EssayDragon exists money-back policy, which protects the rights of the customers. The team of the Essay Dragon highly appreciates their customers’ interests most of all. Each customer has a right for money back, in case, he is not satisfied with the work fulfilled and can prove it.

    • US and UK writers only

The conception of the is that they hire only English speaking authors, with fluent English and set of professional skills in different spheres of knowledge. All the writers are literate both grammatically and lexically.

11 thoughts on “EssayDragon.Com Writing Service Review

  1. One of the cool services I visited! They offer to refund monies paid when we are not satisfied with their paper. And we can obtain free draft from here. This companys website is very easy to use. You can simply find precious details on the first page, but for complete guidance, you can write them about your doubts.
    My university career has to done successfully by the way of the papers, done by EssayDragon. The papers are very helpful to understand the meaning and development of communication skill. Thanks to essaydragon now i am learning to create the papers myself. The company’s tips and guidance are more benefit to me and my friends.The company has to provide their service to over all the country. The papers are available in all the places.This service is really helpful


  2. This was my first time with essaydragon and i am glad, i have chosen it.
    I think I received an excellent essay for the money I paid (essaydragon is one of the cheapest essay writing services available now). The paper was thoroughly researched, the writing flow was interesting and academical. They manged to do it quick and sent the great paper. So if you have any urgent tasks ninja essays is a great essay writing service to use.

    I am ordering some term papers now from essaydragon , because this service is good. I am glad that I don’t have any exam stress this year.


  3. I am really happy that I have used essaydrahon . This guys provided me with the high quality paper written from the scratch. I received my paper in 2 hours before my deadline that is why there has been enough time for me to check it. With the help of essaydragon I have received high grades in my college.Completed ahead of scheduled. Followed detailed instructions.Very impressive writer . very fast and work done as asked.will work with you again.thank you so much.


  4. I want to share my nice experience with I am a PhD student and I have tried writing a research paper for multiple times. There is something very interesting about this service, which every person from representative to writer communicates with core research understanding. They are quick, professional and highly reliableSo, basically it makes it easier for you to let them know what you need. The delivered paper was very good. I liked the dissertation they have done for me. I can easily defend it. Thanks to them, i am good at my studies and always ger high geades


  5. Hi everyone. I wanted to leave this review because of how nervous I initially felt ordering such a big project at Essaydrago for the first time. . Buying a huge project of over 25 pages was a little nerve racking because I didn’t want to get scammed. When the project was done, everything was correct. Very good work and friendly customer service. Don’t be scared to buy from them even if it is a big project.DOn’t hesitate and be sure, that Essaydragon is a very credible service, which is worth paying for it

    Tip for consumers: They did an incremental delivery option for me and sent it in two halves which may be helpful for big projects like these.


  6. In this day and age, it strikes me as odd that general education is still a mandatory part of college degree programs. This type of work has little to do with why I and many of my academic peers choose to pursue higher education.

    Because of this, I have been hiring the EssayDragon writing team to complete work for numerous general education courses. So far, they have been adept at completing work for courses in international relations, composition, entry-level biology, and sociology. I have yet to place orders in other subjects.

    If you–like me–are fed up with arbitrary general education courses, EssayDragon offers a valuable service.


  7. i was burned once in the past when i hired a writer off of craigslist who did a really bad job and to be quite honest i think it was a scammer from india or similar.

    so buying from EssayDragon made me a bit nervous since i didn’t want to get burned again. they were very friendly and helped me to find a way to pay that would be safe and so i would know the essay would be done well and that iw ouldnt get burned agian.

    all in all it was a real quality essay and i passed my class.

    Tip for consumers: if you are nervous about ordering you can talk to them and they will help you with special arrangements


  8. The professional writers from are so talanted and skilled!ANd thw support are so nice, I called them on different occasions and they were always ready to help me, i really appreciate it. They have written ideal papers for me, but what is important for me is that they showed a real interest in me and my orders. They have an individual access to each client,
    My biggest fear was that professors at my university would find out that I ordered online and would find plagiarism in my paper . But this service really provides confidentiality, even my writer didn’t know my name or where I study.My papers contained no plagiarism, just 100 percent original Thanks, it’s so important


  9. I am very grateful to this writing service for their professional job done for me.My essay was for my History course over the Word War 2-nd which i ordered two weeks ago. It was awesome, and i got B for it. My writer managed to reveal the most important aspects of his literary work, and found very interesting details about his biography. It was the most interesting paper in my group, my prof was really excited, thank you very much.


  10. My main goal to have the best results with my research paper for my Archeology course and i was ready to take the efforts…But i had no enough time to writer papers on my own. So i decided to find help from some credible online writing service, and i found it – I got a good result with my paper. I was pleasantly surprised when my paper got to my hands. The writer followed all my instructions and requirements correctly and the paper was very well written. My writer had made a profound research on the topic to give such a first-rate paper.


  11. Essay dragon’s dedication to profession and clients is extraordinary. They give their full attention to the needs of their clients and deliver work when promised. Essay dragon’s professionalism shines through their client relationships, and it is apparent that their heart is in their work. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for writing services. Their guidance, patience, and understanding throughout our work together definitely made my dissertation experience easier and I will be eternally grateful for their constant support


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