Pro-Essay-Writer Service Review


What is your favorite activity outside of school? Do you dance or attend fashion design classes? Maybe, you are passionate about learning a foreign language or reading the 19th-century literature? Being passionate about something helps people remember who they really are and why they love this world. But we have one more question: do you have enough time for doing things you truly love or endless college assignments became the major part of your life?

Fortunately, there is a good writing service which has earned its high rating due to the unmatched quality of the works it provides – Today, when you feel you are suffocating with your homework, you can call Pro-Essay-Writer and buy an excellent paper.

It is possible you’ve heard about scam agencies which send their customers fake, plagiarized papers and never refund the payment. It is true you should beware of these agencies and always double-check whether a service is an official business. With, there is nothing to worry about. We have discovered this totally legit organization by reading multiple customer reviews and checking their website status.


It is a great alternative to outsource an essay from Pro Essay Writer experts:

  • First of all, you will get a paper written from scratch for you and only for you. Once you log in to your personal account, you will be asked to submit all information about your project, including the grading rubric. Not only will your writer create an exceptional content but also he or she will closely following your teacher’s instruction to achieve the best possible result.
  • Second, when one places an order, one is offered a 10 to 15% discount coupon, depending on the length of a project. A discount is especially helpful when one orders more than one essay or a really lengthy paper because this can increase the discount.
  • Third, the advantage of the company is its experts. cooperates with experienced professionals, and be sure that the hiring process is quite strict. Candidates have to successfully pass a writing convention test, which includes grammar, spelling, and punctuation, as well as the writing test, which examines candidates’ ability to create well-researched, logically organized, flawless papers.
  • Next, Pro-Essay-Writer team knows that the best professionals are not only talented but also highly motivated. Each successfully completed assignment brings a writer several points. The more points a writer has, the higher his or her status is. And, of course, high status always brings fantastic benefits. Revisions, however, make writers lose their points. So, do you really think your final products will have to be revised?

When we received our paper from, we were pleasantly surprised because we had to make an urgent order and weren’t sure about the quality of the writing. However, the paper was just amazing, thoroughly researched and well-formatted. Of course, we paid more than a regular price: a page of a university level essay in philosophy was $23.50 because the essay was due in 3 days. But it was absolutely worth it.


Writemyessay4me Writing Service Review

writemyessays-for-meThis article presents, describes its services, presents different kinds of academic papers, its prices and possible deadlines. is a popular essay writing service. Students all over the world put their faith in this website. Strict time limits, a variety of professional writers, high-quality service – it’s all about Our company is represented by the professional qualified academic writers.

We provide our clients with original academic writings, credible sources, and strict deadlines.

This review will give you detailed information about the company, prices for academic papers, deadlines, topics, and delivery.

About is the website, where you can get services in academic writing.

The service works with the help of auto take system. It means that a writer can take orders on the chosen topic without waiting for manager’s approvement. You can choose the writer yourself, according to your requirements and preferences. After you have chosen a writer, you can contact him or her in person and talk about all the details. You can also define and discuss the deadlines so that your academic paper will be fulfilled in time.

You can be sure, that with the help of you will be able to solve your problems in writing academic papers.

This writing service suggests high quality and moderate prices.

Don’t doubt in the proficiency of the academic writers of, because all the writers on this website are duly checked before being hired.

Services proposes different types of academic writing; high school, essays, college essays, theses, Master’s, Ph.D.

The significant advantage of WriteMyEssay4me is that it doesn’t contain plagiarism. Every academic paper is taken under the plagiarism check, after what it is delivered to the customer. No copyright is permitted. is the service of high quality, and it is worth paying attention to it. You can check your academic paper for plagiarism, while it is in progress. You can use to see, whether your academic paper contains plagiarism or not. Writemyessay4me gives possibility to check each part of an academic paper, while a writer is working on it. This way, the writer will make reviews of your academic writing and make changes.

If you want to see the status of your order, you can contact the Customer Support via phone or leave a message on the Live Chat or send an email. Clients of always get their answer from the managers and writers as soon as possible.


writemyessay4me_pricesThere are different deadlines, urgent from 12 hours till ten days and more. Depending on the deadlines and the academic degree, the prices differ. Priced depend on three factors:

  1. deadline
  2.  number of pages
  3.  academic level

There are lots of writing services with lower prices, and you may pretend, they are good enough. In fact, a qualified academic paper is worth paying for it. So, maybe the prices on the writemyessay4me are not the cheapest, but we guarantee the highest quality.

The company hires mostly native speakers, which is very important. With writemyessay4me, you will get a grammatically literate writing with profound research. Writers on writemyessay4me use only credible sources of information in their academic writing.

How to make an order

  • Open the order form and fill it in with your personal data and all necessary information; You can also upload files with requirements if you need.
  • Pay for your order. You can realize your payment with the help of PayPal.
  • Then, the manager matches your requirements to the order with a necessary writer in the database of httpwritemyessay4me. You should also define and discuss the deadline.
  • When your order is fulfilled, the academic paper is checked for plagiarism, grammatical and lexical mistakes.
  • If you have any remarks concerning the writing accomplished, you can ask for a review, and it will be done perfectly.
  • After the writing is done, it will be shown on your dashboard, from where you can download it. Moreover, you will get a copy of your paper on your email.

Revision Policy

writemyessays4me_orderWritemyessay4me proposes educational assistance of premium quality, but sometimes it’s necessary to try, whether the fulfilled paper responds with the required standards. If the academic paper doesn’t meet your requirements, writemyessay4me will be ready to propose you revisions. If you need to send a request for revision, contact Support Team by phone, email or in the Live Chat. You can ask for a revision on the following cases;

  • If you claim a revision in the term of 5 days after the deadline;
  • You should make up your revision request clearly;
  • New review instruction can’t contradict the initial requirements;
  • 48 hours are given for revision to be completed;
  • If your cases are different, you will have to make a new order.

Contacts and Customer Support

You can contact by the following email or make a call in Skype. All details between the customer and the writer can be discussed in details directly. Customer support of is available 24\7, so the managers of writemyessay4me are always ready to help you. In case, you need some help to proceed with your payment or have some technical problems with registration of your order; you can contact writemyessay4me at any time. Writing Service Review

writemypaper4meThis review presents the essay writing service, describes its methods of work, types of orders fulfilled, prices, deadlines and highlights the quality and reliability of this website, based on the recommendations of the customers.

Nowadays there are lots of new technologies, that can be very helpful for us and let us save our time. What about some helpful measures in the educational sphere?

In the modern world, not all students are ready to deal with their research work on their own and need some professional help. Sometimes students can’t pull themselves together and gather all their knowledge and express their mind in the academic paper.

In this case, when you need professional assistance in the academic writing, you can refer to such websites, as writemypaper4me. Writemypaper4me obtains a clear interface and suggests good service. To place an order is easy and won’t take much time. An order form is very detailed and simple in filling. You should choose your academic level, the subject of your work, the paper format, number of pages and sources, number of words on the page and define the deadline. The deadline is crucial, we on should know exactly, when your academic paper must be ready. On you can order any research paper of any academic level. You can order an essay, a coursework, a term paper, a research paper, a book report, a movie review or a case study.

writemypaper4me_howitworksYou can order a paper of different academic levels on WriteMyPaper4Me;

  • High School
  • College
  • University
  • Master’s
  • PhD

On the website Writemypaper4me you can also choose the desirable paper format;

  • MLA
  • APA
  • Chicago
  • Harvard

The professional team of the best writers of WriteMyPaper4Me can fulfill academic papers on the following subjects:

  • Biology and Life Sciences
  • Business and Management
  • Chemistry
  • Culture
  • Economics
  • Education
  • English
  • Environmental Science
  • Finance
  • Accounting and Banking
  • Geography
  • Healthcare and Nursing
  • History and Anthropology
  • HRM
  • International Relations
  • IT
  • Law and International Law
  • Linguistics
  • Literature
  • Marketing and PR
  • Maths
  • Philosophy

When placing an order on Writemypaper4 me you can calculate the possible price of your order. It will take a couple of minutes. You can define the number of pages and necessary sources for your academic paper. It will also affect the price of your academic paper.

Writemypaper4me proposes various deadlines, which respond anyone’s requirements. Deadlines vary from 12 hours to 10 days and more. Writemypaper4me suggests reasonable prices for excellent work. Pricing on writemypaper4me bases on three conditions;

  • Number of pages
  • Deadlines
  • Academic level

Among the services of WriteMyPaper4Me you can also choose the creation of Power-Point Presentation Slides. Price per slide is equal to the half price per page.

One more advantage of making your choice in favour of writemypaper4me is that they offer discounts for orders. WriteMyPaper4Me offers 10 % discount for the orders over $300 and 5 % discount for the orders over $100. But please, note, that there are no discounts for the orders less than 30%. On WriteMyPaper4Me the discounts are not summed.

writemypaper4me_orderWriteMyPaper4Me guarantees the highest quality, fluent English and credible sources while writing your academic paper. On writers have an individual access to each customer. Every order is unique and important – that’s the reason to choose this excellent team to help you in such a difficult and crucial question, as writing an academic paper.

One of the best qualities of Write My Paper 4 Me is that no plagiarism is permitted in academic papers. This rule is highly appreciated both by the writers and the customers. It means, the writers are specialists in their job. If you choose to work with, your academic paper will be unique and free from plagiarism. With qualified writers from writemypaper4me your research paper, whether it’s an essay or Ph.D., will contain reliable sources and appropriate information, that has been checked many times, before being chosen. If you are writing your academic work with, be sure, that it will respond your academic level and all the rules.

WriteMyPaper4Me provides you with the possibility to communicate with the writer and to discuss all the details concerning your academic paper. It’s a great advantage, that you can control the processing of your work, so that, if something goes wrong, the writer from writemypaper4me can correct it in the soonest time. Moreover, reviews are available on the writemypaper4me. But there are some rules for getting a review of your academic paper. If you have some remarks towards the work already fulfilled, you can ask for a free review, and everything will be done in accordance with your requirements. In case, the requirements to the academic paper have been changed in whole, you won’t get a free review, you will have to place a new order on .

To be sincere, has good recommendations from the majority of the customers. Clients are really satisified with the results of the work fulfilled. The customers are happy with the quality, research level and the deadlines of the project. It’s very important to admit, that on writers never expire the deadlines, every academic paper is ready in the proper time. If you want to find a credible and serious assistant, who will help you in your educational questions, contact writemypaper4 and ask for help. Review

nerdimatesAs a current student, it must be difficult to find time for all your plans. From the academics to social life activities to spend time on, it’s a real problem to get some extra hours for that school assignment with a deadline.

We totally get you. This is why we’ve checked for you different academic services and one of them is Nerdymates. Nerdymates will provide you with an academic guru to help you write that good essay with a professional touch so that you can spend your precious time on things that require your immediate attention.

How it works

nerdymates_orderGetting your article done only involves four easy steps outlined below:

  • Fill out the order form

Fill in the initial requirements in the small order form located on the homepage and press “Continue” button to proceed to the main order form.  Press the “order” button in the header menu. Continue through the steps and submit the full detailed paper instructions. Upload necessary files if need be and your contact information. You may as well place your order via a phone call.

  • Proceed with a payment

At this step, if you do not have an account yet, you will be able to create it to avoid fake orders. You can then proceed to the secure payment page to pay for your order. All your payments are processed securely through PayPal. This guarantees security and helps prevent scam. They also accept visa card and master card payments.

  • Communicate with the dedicated writer

Nerdymates will then match up your order details with the most qualified freelance writer with the highest rating in your field to do your writing. Nerdymates endeavors to be as fast as possible to make sure your order is completed in time.

  • Download your ready-made paper

Once your order is completed, a review is done by an editor for spelling, grammar, plagiarism, context to ensure that the document is quality and real to your specifications. Once finished your paper will be available for download from your dashboard.

Why Nerdymates?

nerdimates_stepsExpert Writers: Nerdymates writers provide nothing less than quality with an assurance of impeccable, style and beautiful, lucid language.

Unique: Nerdymates pay special attention to every single project they are working on and ensure each assignment is given in the best quality possible.

Affordable Prices: Nerdymates offers you more for less. Get a better product with incredible discounts, coupons, and promotions

Individual Approach: Nerdymates endeavor to fulfill each client personal essay requirements adequately. comes in handy to tailor your article in accordance with your requirements.

Guarantee: According to the money back guarantee policy, you are guaranteed that you will get a refund of your money if there were any violations from Nerdymates side on the contract.

Privacy: upholds a strong sense of decorum in dealing with confidentiality. They will not, under any circumstance (unless required to do so by federal law), give out any of your personal information to anyone anywhere.

Secure payment: Nerdymates use PayPal which is safe and easy to use. Customer transaction, along with personal accounts information, is 100 % confidential.

Plagiarism free: You are guaranteed papers that are original. Every paper is checked with a number of sophisticated plagiarism checking services to make sure that it is completely plagiarism free and legit.


Nerdymates is your suitable solution for all your writing assignments with no matching alternative. You are guaranteed safety, affordability and real solutions to your writing problems with no similar match. Get to their blog or website for support, reviews and order. Log in and get to feel the experience.

Edu Essay Helper Review

essay-help-serviceWhat makes Edu Essay Helper service so popular?

Working students, especially foreign ones, often have no time to prepare written assignments, at the same time they realize that this academic paper may influence greatly final results.

Therefore, they are looking for a reputable academic writing service that is not a scam and will provide an excellent result and meet strict requirements and deadlines.

EduEssayHelper service known as most reliable one, providing clients with outstanding papers with any difficulty level, format, discipline, etc. Flexible pricing policy makes services affordable; appealing discounts are granted on a regular basis.

How to place an order?

eduessayhelper_orderIt is extremely easy placing an order if you are working with This convenient website with friendly and easy to use interface has an order form. Before completing it, the customer should create a personal account in order to login whenever he is curious regarding the process of his order.

Order form includes basic questions regarding your paper:

  • Firstly, you must select task type: writing, editing or presentation;
  • Then indicate needed academic level: high school, college, university, Master’s or Ph.D.;
  • Next step is set the pages amount, sources number, deadline.

Next questions include:

  1. Academic paper format: MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, etc.;
  2. Subject, that may include various fields such as:
    • Linguistics;
    • Chemistry;
    • History;
    • IT;
    • Finance, Accounting, Banking;
    • Economics
    • Literature;
    • Philosophy, etc.
  3. Desired spacing;
  4. Title;
  5. Additional paper details. Here you have a chance to upload files;
  6. A number of personal discount coupon’s code if available, etc.

You can track your academic paper ‘s progress through personal dashboard; completed paper will be downloaded to your account.

Main benefits of a reputable academic writing service

Here is the list that contains most attractive offers the company provides to every customer:

  1. Top-notch quality for your academic assignment;
  2. Customer friendly pricing system with various discounts;
  3. No hidden charges;
  4. Money back guarantee;
  5. 100% original papers;
  6. Qualified English speaking writers with vast experience;
  7. Opportune delivery;
  8. Proofreaders’, plagiarism checkers’ assistance.

These appealing features attracted more than 20 000 clients; professional freelance writers completed over 66 000 papers.

100% plagiarism free academic papers, money back feature

eduessayhelper-orgCustomers receive a 100% unique piece of academic writing with great quality, excluding risks getting a low grade. Authentic and plagiarism-free academic assignment of exceptional quality creates a reputation of a responsible student and earns highest grades.

Before presenting completed paper, it is additionally checked by a proofreaders’ team and plagiarism checkers. The highly personal approach ensures amazing quality for every written task.

If there have been any violations or if a customer has reasons not to be completely satisfied with the excellence of an essay of other academic paper he has the right to ask for a free revision but only within 5 days after the deadline. has a 100% money back guarantee feature that provides fair resolving of all disputes and violations.

Professional writers

Freelance writers employed by the described writing service are highly qualified professionals that have a responsible attitude toward set requirements and prepared for challenging assignments. Native English speaking writers from US, Canada, UK and Australia make sure that your assignment is free from grammar or spelling mistakes.

A huge army of satisfied customers is pleased with a result. No matter how hard and time-consuming your paper is, you will receive it in time. Experienced writers graduated from prestigious universities or colleges with high GPA ‘s results.

Payment options and confidentiality

Banking transactions are completely safe as made via PayPal service that ensures fast and secure money deposit. Today this is the most reliable online payment option.

Also, it is useful to know that all personal data is 100% confidential. No one will find out your true identity. Trusted provider of content takes care of customers’ best intereste

EssayDragon.Com Writing Service Review

essay-dragonReview of EssayDragon Academic Writing Service

This article reviews the writing service Essaydragon, explains how it works; reveals its strong aspects and advantages; sums up its services and features.

It goes without saying, that each of us is willing to have an excellent career and to get a good well-paid job, which will be interesting for you and in which you will be able to develop your outside. To make it real, at first, you need to get the good education. If you want to be a skilled specialist, you need to study hard, to read a lot of specific literature on your subject, to pass examinations, and, of course, to write academic papers each term. You will need to write essays at college, coursework at the university, etc.

To write an academic paper takes much efforts and time, and may be not every person is ready to go through this trial. So, why not taking a chance and take a helping hand of the specialists from the essay dragon?

No matter, are you studying at the college or the university, you will need to write essays, academic papers or research works rather often. In this complicated deal, you may require assistance of professional academic writers. You can apply for the support of the and their professional team will help you in writing the academic paper. The assistance of the writers from the Essay Dragon in your educational process will be a right decision. With the help of the experts from the essay dragon, you will proceed in your education step by step.


essaydragon_subjectsThere are a plenty of the essay writing services, but today under the review is one of the best samples; the EssayDragon differs a lot from the other academic writing services. The provides some peculiar features for free;

  • Free formatting
  • Free references
  • Free title page
  • Free revisions
  • Free plagiarism check


There are some fundamental features, which you can get with essay dragon;

  • Credible information, strong facts, and reliable arguments, which support the main idea of the academic paper;
  • Thoroughly researched and proofread parts of the paper;
  • Expressive foreword by the writers of  EssayDragon;
  • Appropriate and variable sources, checked by the essay dragon, as a base to compose academic paper on;
  • Promptly and accurately composed academic paper by the writers of the Essay Dragon;
  • Brief and clear title, elaborated by the writers of  the Dragon Essay;
  • Accurate design of the academic paper;
  • Grammatical and lexical literacy;
  • Your expectations meet the final results with the help of the dragon essay;

When you decide to pay for the essay on EssayDragon, be sure, you make an investment towards your future.

The team of the essay dragon has an individual approach to each customer. No matter, what topic and subject you have, your academic paper will be fulfilled perfectly.


essaydragon_pricesOn the website, you can order different types of academic papers and essays.

According to the type of work on EssayDragon you can choose – writing from scratch or editing.

Among the variety of possible academic levels on EssayDragon you can choose;

  • High School
  • College
  • University
  • Master’s
  • Ph.D.

You can also select the paper format on the Dragon Essay;

  • MLA
  • APA
  • Chicago
  • Harvard

If you need another paper format, you can indicate it in the order form on EssayDragon .

Choosing the type of paper on the essay dragon, you will see the following list;

  • Essay
  • Coursework
  • Term paper
  • Research Paper
  • Book Report
  • Case Study
  • Movie Review


The offers writing assistance on the subjects, mentioned below. You can choose among the proposed subjects, and your order will be passed into the hands of the writer, experienced in this field of knowledge.

  • Biology and Life Sciences
  • Business and Management
  • Chemistry
  • Culture
  • Economics
  • Education
  • English
  • Environmental Science
  • Finance, Accounting, and Banking
  • Geography
  • HRM
  • IT
  • Linguistics
  • Literature
  • Marketing and PR
  • Maths
  • Philosophy
  • Sociology
  • Statistics

There are some strong aspects, which only EssayDragon possesses;

    • Privacy Policy provides you confidentiality in all questions. Your personal data, details of the orders will never be passed to the third parties. When finished, the copy of your order is delivered to your email, and you are the only person, who can see it.

    • 100% Original Academic Papers

With you get original academic papers, plagiarism is prohibited. Every detail in your research work is checked properly, every source is approved, design is also thoroughly chosen for you due to your requirements and desires.

    • Money-back Policy

On the EssayDragon exists money-back policy, which protects the rights of the customers. The team of the Essay Dragon highly appreciates their customers’ interests most of all. Each customer has a right for money back, in case, he is not satisfied with the work fulfilled and can prove it.

    • US and UK writers only

The conception of the is that they hire only English speaking authors, with fluent English and set of professional skills in different spheres of knowledge. All the writers are literate both grammatically and lexically.

JustBuyEssay.Com Writing Service Review

justbuyessayThis review deals with academic writing service Justbuyessay, presents its advantages and strong aspects, explains, how to place an order on

Everyone, who is thinking about his future, is going to get the education of the highest quality in the best colleges and universities of their country. There are lots of variants, where to continue your education. Some of us dream about the researching career, about being a Master or a Doctor of Sciences in different spheres and subjects. To move further in your education and to develop your outside, you will have to write and pass academic papers while studying. This process takes much time and efforts; we can even call it stressful for the most of the students. But, nevertheless, writing academic papers is an obligation for students.

If you need professional help in the question of writing academic papers, you can address some special credible writing services, like justbuyessay. Here, on just by essay, skilled and experienced writers will help you to fulfill the academic paper of any complexity and any academic level. The writers on the website Just Buy Essay are fluent in English and experienced in different fields of knowledge. They are mostly from the United States and the United Kingdom. All of them have passed a lot of tests before being hired. Thus, the writers on are really highly educated and advanced.

What is the difference between Just Buy Essay and other writing services?

justbuyessay_how-it-worksFor example, provides their clients with some free services, and other websites don’t. The company offers the following stuff for free;

  • Free check for plagiarism
  • Free revisions
  • Free delivery to your email
  • Title page for free
  • Free formatting
  • Contents page for free
  • References page for free

To be sincere, the main thing, that makes a difference between and other essay writing services is its individual approach to each customer. This approach is based on the attentive attitude towards each customer, who decides to order an academic paper on just buy essay. When making an order on Just Buy Essay, a special order form is suggested to the customer. While filling in this form on, the client has to reveal all the details and specialities of his academic paper, so that the writer will gain a possibility to do his best.


justbuyessay_refundJust buy essay possesses a simple interface and it will be easy for you to place an order.

  • Firstly, choose the type of work to be fulfilled – writing from scratch or editing.
  • Secondly, define the academic level of your paper – High School, College, University, Master’s or Ph. D. Then, you should appoint the style for your paper to be formatted in – MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard. If you can’t find the desired format in the list on the site, write your own.
  • Thirdly, on you can select the appropriate type of paper – essay, coursework, term paper, research paper, book report, movie review or case study. After this don’t miss such crucial point, as choosing the suitable subject on – Biology and Sciences, Economics, Culture, Sociology, Linguistics, Education, Philosophy, International Relations, Statistics, Political Science, Literature, etc.
  • In the end, make up your mind about the title of your academic paper and fill it in the form on Don’t forget; it must be short and comprehensible. Remember to add the paper details with your accurate personal instructions for the writer to move on. This way you can decrease the number of the possible reviews, which may arouse. Also, indicate the number of pages and slides, in case you need a PowerPoint Presentation. Moreover, point out the number of sources required in your academic paper. To finish the registration on, add the materials if necessary and define the deadline.

4 Reasons to choose JustBuyEssay


The team of JustBuyEssay is represented by English-speaking writers from US and UK, who possess a great knowledge of English grammar, lexics and linguistics. Skilled and experienced in different subjects writers on will do their work perfectly.


Justbuyessay finds it impossible to compromise when it goes about plagiarism. Plagiarism is strictly forbidden among the writers of team. Every academic paper on Justbuyessay is undergoing a strict and prompt check before being delivered to the customer. All information on attentively checked and is taken from the reliable highly valued sources.


Confidentiality is promised for every customer. JustByEssay guarantees safety and security of all personal information and details presented. Be sure, that information from Justbuyessay is not handed to the third parties or other people.


Justbyessay is oriented on the customers and their rights and interests. If something goes wrong, and the client is not satisfied with the result, the team of the Justbyessay offers a free review or returns money back.